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In 2016 we completely rethought the mobile user experience for Dutch biggest carsharing provider. Greenwheels customers typically move from owning a car to mobility-as-a-service. We wanted to offer them a shared car experience that still feels personal. Next to meeting user needs, the new app also met ambitious business goals.


Increase subscriptions
Increase bookings
Increase average length of booking
Increase average distance of a trip
Increase total amount of booked hours


1. Subscriptions
In 2016 the total amount of subscriptions has increased by 50% compared to 2016. 12% of those subscriptions were made through the app compared to 0% before. The cost per acquisition has dropped 75% since the new user experience was introduced.

2. Bookings
The total amount of bookings increased by 5% compared to the previous year. More than half (53%) of those bookings are now made through the (new) app. That’s an increase of 400%.

3. Length of booking
The average length of booking went from 4:28 to 4:52. That’s an increase of 9%.

4. Distance of trip
The average distance a trip went from 55km to 59km. That’s an increase of 7%.

5. Booked hours
In 2016 Greenwheels sold 1000 hours per day more the the same period the year before. That’s an increase of 19%.

Overige informatie

We wanted to make Greenwheels a shared car experience that still feels personal. Fun micro interactions, smooth transitions, rewarding feedback screens and the personal startscreen all contribute to this goal. The redesign also focussed directly on business goals:

1. Subscriptions
We’ve cut down the sign-up process from 3 days to 3 minutes by introducing a fully digital sign-up process that uses credit card payment so you can drive away straight away. We also introduced a new €0,- / month subscription, allowing new users to try the service without financial commitment.

2. Bookings
We introduced a smart startscreen that offers you the most relevant car at that very moment using an algorithm based on proximity and frequency of use.

3. Length and distance of bookings
To encourage people to drive longer and further, we introduced ‘roadtrips’. With roadtrips, users save money by paying a fixed fee (including kilometers) for full day, weekend or week long trips.

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