Signify Spotlight 2020


Signify and MM created the virtual B2B event “Spotlight 2020”. MM produced name, branding, content, platform design and development. A 2-week programme offered target audience tailored content, such as product presentations and CEO keynotes. Attendees could engage via live chats or after the event by connecting with local Signify experts.


With physical trade shows being on hold due to COVID-19, Signify faced the challenge of showcasing their products and innovations to it’s B2B customers. They had to move fast to shift from physical to digital options and leverage the opportunity to host a remote, virtual event instead. Furthermore, they decided to aim even higher and launch the event globally across 45 countries and produce localized content for different target groups.


- Producing and launching a virtual event within 4 months
- Event launched across 5 continents, 45 countries
- Approx 12,700 visitors
- Content available in 19 languages
- 24 videos, including product demonstration videos and multiple audience-tailored CEO introduction videos
- 97% event satisfaction

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