SaaS solution for automated job advertisements


MrWork makes it easy to attract and ensure the right candidates apply for the right roles. Amsterdam Standard makes the creation of this exceptional SaaS platform possible.


MrWork builds talent pipelines for recruitment processes. They provide the direct connection between the company and their target group, helping to attract candidates, creating personalized candidate journeys, and ensure that the right people apply for the company. With MrWork, companies are also reaching the candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

The partnership with Amsterdam Standard started in 2015 with hiring just one developer for a part of their existing project. During the next 4 years, the number of developers has grown. Some of the developers were in-house in the Netherlands (mostly front-end) and some in the Amsterdam Standard's Krakow office (mostly back-end). The company was searching for a solution to manage the team in the most productive way.

MrWork's original system was built on technologies created in 2014, which didn't meet the requirements anymore as it was hard to make changes in it. They knew it was the right time to update it.


At the beginning of 2019, multiple significant changes took place. First, MrWork decided to rewrite the system from scratch, based on all the information they learned in these years, and to focus on their SaaS platform. The second decision was to organize the whole team in Amsterdam Standard’s office and (accepted advice) to hire a Scrum master close to them to improve the communication and workflow.

And the third thing was to change the technology they used (Angular1) to React and Symphony. Moving to the newest technologies made it possible to find inspired and experienced specialists to work on the project and to deliver the new system according to the highest standards.

For the new system, the team is using the latest versions of technologies and frameworks. They fully automated the CI/CD process with code quality tools checks available. High code coverage with both unit and functional tests and enterprise-grade log collection and error reporting tools are also in place.

Currently, the MrWork team consists of 4 full-time and 1 part-time developers and a Scrum Master on the Amsterdam Standard side and a project manager on the MrWork side. For the new system, the team is using the latest versions of technologies and frameworks; they have dedicated time for technology checks on the meetings to keep up with the updates.

Due to the hard work of this team for almost a year, the new version of the system is released. From the beginning of 2020, all clients are assigned to the new system.

Overige informatie

About the platform
Now MrWork is a SaaS solution for automated job advertisements. The new system is fast, flexible, and reliable. It enables us to interpret any format of the client's feed to the system's setup, making the system very generic.

To exclude the appearance of repeatable content for potential employees, we have generated the smart solution. It consists of the content library which is filled out with the client content and a set of branded advertisement templates. Then the system automatically creates possible combinations and conducts A/B testing to reveal the best performers. This way potential employees always see fresh and engaging content.

Amsterdam Standard

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