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How do we get people to spend two times two minutes of their day brushing, when they’d rather be doing something else? We turned those 2 minutes into time well spent with the Philips Brush Button, a physical, interactive brushing assistant.


Philips promises innovation that helps people be healthy, live well and enjoy life. For oral health care, this promise translates into inspiring people to take the best care possible of their mouth. Because good oral health care is not only good for your teeth, it also has an impact on your overall health (e.g. heart disease & diabetes).

While Philips Sonicare makes some of the best toothbrushes on the market, many people are not brushing for the recommended two minutes, two times a day. To tackle this challenge Philips asked us to create a campaign that encourages people to brush accordingly, by showing how it would improve their dental and overall health.

However, people think they are doing fine with their current oral health care regime and tend to get defensive when being questioned about their behaviour. Brushing is a habit that has been formed since they were kids and live in the subconscious. Trying to consciously bring attention to people’s bad oral health habits and its consequences can result in reluctance to change. So we asked ourselves; how do you create a campaign that encourages people to brush 2x2 times per day when they think they are doing fine, and thus probably won’t listen? Well. You don’t.


The BrushButton has currently been tested by a selected audience with the aim to confirm its impact regarding behaviour change and to collect input for further development of the product. The results showed impact both on people’s behaviour and awareness around their brushing habits. And apart from thinking it makes brushing more enjoyable, they brushed longer and more often for the full two minutes.

The thinking behind the BrushButton is now being applied in connected products throughout the organisation to keep delivering content that people value in the morning and when they go to bed. Making brushing less of an annoying chore and more of a rewarding experience through the help of your personal brushing coach that lives right on your bathroom mirror.

Overige informatie

Rather than making an app; which requires you to bring your phone into the bathroom - we created a physical brushing assistant that lives on your bathroom mirror and gives you a 2 minute personal update each time you brush.

The Brush Button is a simple and easy-to-use device that users can stick to the bathroom mirror. With a push of the button the user get to hear tailored and relevant content that is precisely two minutes long. The content is gathered from different services such as Google Calendar, Spotify/Google Music, Google Maps, Google News and Weather. It can be personalized by connecting the Brush Button to an app where the user can decide which topics and services to fill their two minutes with. Also, it reminds people to replace their brush head, gives them brush tips, helps you remember appointments with the dentist and notify the user when they aren’t brushing properly.

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