Layover with a Local


Layover with a Local, is a new service that turns your transfer into a trip. It connects the thousands passing through the airport, with the hundreds of thousands living in Amsterdam. Instead of making travellers queue up for the obvious tourist traps, we match them with interesting locals.


KLM strives to differentiate themselves in an increasingly commoditising sector by focusing on service. Social media and digital innovation play an important part in this strategy. Thus far, KLM has chosen to improve the booking process and the flight itself. One moment in the customer journey still provided an opportunity; a layover at Schiphol Airport, the airline’s hub in Amsterdam. The bulk of the airline’s traffic (70%) uses Amsterdam as a hub to continue their air travel. These transfer passengers are becoming increasingly important for KLM’s business. We were asked to help provide these passengers with that little bit of extra service that makes KLM different from other airlines.


The launch of this new service immediately raised the attention of the international press. From the more general publications like CNN, Metro, NY Times and USA today, to really specific ones like Forbes (business travelers) and Conde Nast Traveller (travelers). In total the campaign reached over 50 publications with this new service from KLM.

Based on the first communications the services got 200k unique visitors on the campaign website and about 3000 people signed up for the service. The target of the click-rate of the pre-flight e-mail doubled, to 27,8%. This resulted in over 1200 sign-ups for the actual service.

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Instead of making travellers queue up for the obvious tourist traps, we match them with interesting locals, motivated to meet new people. Like language students who’d like to practice a new language or expats who want to show off their hometown to people from their home country. The most active locals are rewarded with a KLM ticket to the country of their new found friend.

At the heart of the service is a smart app that handles the matchmaking and wayfinding. Travellers are matched to a locals in advance based on their shared interests, languages and prefered availability. With a simple guide and a complimentary train ticket to the city, we help travellers get from gate to meeting point and make sure they don’t miss each other. The app even buys the local and the traveller a free drink at a typical Amsterdam bar. When it is time to go, the app gives them a heads up using real-time flight information. We created an end-to-end user experience helping KLM passengers throughout their journey by making the Layover with a Local as easy and low-barrier as possible.

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