Elio.Chat - Your friendly DevOps Slack bot powered by Tur.ai


You know that one person in your organisation? The one you wish you could clone. Who knows everything, can do everything and has the special kind of talent that doesn’t come around often? We’ve got a guy like that.

What happens when your go-to guy goes (on sick leave?) Or is otherwise engaged. Imagine you could have a team member on demand that requires no training, can pick up where your DevOps left off and could solve all these problems. Now you can!


Elio is an Amazon powered conversational bot that is able to assimilate natural language inputs using tur.ai’s deep learning knowledge base which was developed by analyzing recordings of 10 000+ hours of team collaboration and instruction that your DevOps has had to execute in the past.

Elio can easily replace your DevOps guy or girl during their down time or be an additional asset to the team so you’re truly talented DevOps can work on your most complex problems.

Elio knows a lot and works efficiently and quickly but what makes him a winner is his ability to communicate with a range of people. From your tech team, to your digital agency or even a valued team member at your tech startup. The truth is you need to be a little tech savvy but nowadays who isn’t right?

Elio integrates easily with various other platforms and services including team chat platforms like Hipchat, Hangouts and Microsoft teams. It also integrates with AWS web services, Github and continuous integration tools. ̌


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