DS Signature Art


Celebrating their partnership with the Dutch Film Festival, DS signature art is an online gallery where every visitor's signature is turned into a 3D piece of art.


DS, the luxurious French car brand founded in 2014 in Paris, brings acte de présence during Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands. DS has grown from underneath the wings of 'sister brand' Citroën and is now establishing itself through the positioning 'the spirit of avant-garde'. DS stands for excellence, innovation, technology and exciting experiences.

Goal: Create awareness for the brand values of DS and celebrate the partnership with the NFF.
- 10.000 unique visitors,
- Engagement with target group
- Generation of contact details


Just like in Hollywood, the festival boasts a boulevard of fame with autographs and hand imprints of prize-winning actors and actresses. Inspired by these signatures, we developed the idea of leaving your own signature in the avant garde style of DS.

We chose for a responsive WebGL approach and a physical installation at the NFF grounds. Focus lies in the experience and atmosphere to load the brand, not features of a specific model.

Without supporting media, Signature Art hosted 44.500 unique visitors delivering 8.500 leads and won FWA SOTD - FWA Mobile of the Day - Adobe Cutting edge project of the week - CSS Design awards SOTD

It shows that campaigns can succesfully experienced in a mobile browser, and raised the bar in the use of WebGL

Overige informatie

The online experience uses either desktop or mobile screen for signature input, the physical installation featured a connection with a LEAP motion sensor, that captured visitors writing their signature in mid-air.


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