Catch the Dragon


For the introduction of their new 208 model, Peugeot challenged us to come up with a digital follow-up on their TV commercial featuring nothing less than an orange dragon. We came up with the idea for an interactive VR film in which you set out to catch the dragon. Starting


Introduce the new and energetic Peugeot 208 to a younger, modern audience and tease them into becoming a lead for Peugeot. Make use of both the existing TVC and existing footage from the AutoRai VR activation for the 208. Raise both model and Peugeot awareness & image, resounding with Peugeot's commitment to innovation.


The TVC featured an orange dragon. We wanted people to be able to interact with this dragon on any platform or device, using immersive technology. By doing so we would really connect to the innovative spirit of Peugeot.

This resulted is an interactive film in which you set out to catch the dragon in 360 video or VR. Look around you to spot it and keep it in your view long enough to catch it. This film-meets-game concept is a technological stunner that attracted attention worldwide.

The results were corresponding: 300% digital uplift on the 208 pages on - +150% test drive requests - +60% customer orders - 2x FWA SOTD - 2 Lovie Awards - W3 award - Awwwards SOTD - CSS Designawards SOTD

Overige informatie

Catch the dragon is a responsive experience that works on any device, without the need to download an app. The whole experience functions inside your browser, pushing the very limit of what is possible in a digital activation on mobile phones.


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