Omschrijving is a web based chat service that helps prevent Sexual Transmitted Deseases (Dutch: SOA's) for a variety of target groups.


Background: Getting yourself tested for an STD is never fun. So people try to avoid a test altogether. By not going to the doctor. Or taking things in their own hands and order a STD-selftest online. Because on today's web, a multitude of 'do it yourself' testing kits are offered by a large number of webshops and companies. But is that safe? Which shop and test can you trust? And which test is right for you? closes this gap with an intelligent chat that talks you through your doubts and ailments, and then points you to a safe and trusted test that is fit for you or connects you to your medical professional.

Goal: Referring more people to safer STD tests and prevention methods, having more people seek professional help when needed, and ultimately, contribute to a decrease in STD's in the Netherlands.

Target group: Every dutch person that thinks he or she that has insecurities about STD's, or might be exposed to or infected with an STD.


Strategy: Offer an anonymous conversation to anyone looking for help by creating a smart and highly personalised chat that with the user experience of chatting with a professional.

Service: is the next step in e-health in the Netherlands. As a combination of scientifically proven conversation lines and chatbot possibilities, it takes away people's fear of embarrassment towards their doctors and prevents them from buying an unreliable -or flatout bad- STD test kit online. The future will bring a one-stop shop solution for anonymous advice and buying of appropriate prevention- and test products. Already is being connected to the SOA AIDS webshop environment for buying condoms. is designed to have a trusted chatting user experience and combines intricate, personalised conversation lines with a chatbot. Users can always interrupt the conversation by asking an open question which the system will first answer before getting back to the conversation.

To cater specific target groups (i.e. teens & gay men), we have developed multiple identities for the different labels of SOA AIDS using the same platform (i.e. Man tot Man branding, branding) . Not only do they differ in appearance and url, but more important: in content and conversation lines they are completely tailor made to answer specific troubles and provide the best possible assistance. has only just entered the public domain in the past weeks, without media resources, advertising or press. No proven results can be given just yet.

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