LiveXP is a suite to connect your audience to your live streaming content in a 2 way communication. This is a tool designed to control real time graphics with audience participation, by monitoring streaming platforms' chats, and polls to change your live content, turning your viewers into active show participants.


The original goal of this tool was to concentrate several softwares, and turn repeated processes from broadcast operations into automatic actions, as a software should, but with a twist: take live events into other levels of interactivity. Being a custom built tool, we are able to adapt ourselves into several streaming platforms, each one with its own peculiarities.
In every event, we study the platform API and create a full show concept, tailoring interaction mechanics that engage the audience and emotionally connect them to the event.
Being a scalable product, we have infinite possibilities of operation, which is the beauty of it.


LiveXP was used in several shows throughout the year, enhancing activations and experiences. In different case uses, it delivered its purpose of tailoring an interactive show.
We launched big products, we created environments for brands that could watch their guests inside their own custom built 3D board game and we built 3D games that viewers could participate through the chat. Gamified events were made possible, to score points to viewers, rank them during the live show, invite them to interact with the host and grant them active participation.


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