Catawiki. Identity, Platform design, Campaign assets.


Catawiki is a worldwide marketplace for special objects. They were looking to bring their brand, communications and experience to the next level. Products and their stories are often forgotten or neglected in the second hand market, so together with our experts they are the heroes in this big brand refresh.


Catawiki is an online auction platform that specializes in selling special objects. Ever since starting out in 2008 they have been growing quickly from a start-up to a worldwide marketplace where 50.000 one-of-a-kind objects are curated by 240 experts every week.

That growth is why they were looking to take their brand, communications and experience to the next level, keeping existing users happy while grabbing the attention of new ones.

Catawiki has built up a user base of loyal buyers and sellers. Staying true to the qualities that made those users passionate about Catawiki was key to our redesign's ultimate success.

With so much of the experience happening on the digital platform it was key to develop a brand that doesn't just live in ads. A digital first identity was developed in parallel with a complete redesign of the digital touchpoints.

We created a brand refresh that takes the Catawiki ‘C’ and recasts it into a kind of window that then opens onto a world of one-of-a-kind objects and unique treasures the Catawiki platform is known for selling. We then introduced a fresh color palette and design system that allows more space for inspiration storytelling and for Catawiki’s unique team of object curators and experts.

Although the platform is primarily a place of transaction, we did look for moments of brand differentiation in the journey. We've put the experts front and centre, positioning them as the guardian of their category.


Looking at user insights and validating design throughout the process, the Catawiki and dentsuACHTUNG! teams worked closely together to create the best experience for it's 10 million monthly visitors.

The identity continues to be rolled out across the website and used in other marketing touchpoints. Although we are not free to share figures, in the last quarter of 2020, the website has seen a significant positive increase in bidder registrations and actual bids in key markets over the baseline (i.e. greater than 25%). Admittedly, it has been a challenge to establish the baseline properly due to Covid-19, but there is a clear uplift since the new assets have been rolled out.

The campaign accompanying the new brand has been launched in the first three markets with more following very soon.


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