Doritos Collisions: The Livestream Battle


For the launch of Doritos Collisions (two flavours, one bag), we built a digital campaign around a new, highly engaging format made specifically for YouTube Live. Doritos Collisions: the Livestream Battle.
Just like the product itself, we let two conflicting worlds (gaming and beauty) collide with each other.


Doritos wants to draw the attention of youngsters to their new product. Doritos Collisions: two conflicting flavours in one bag. With its #playbold platform, Doritos always focused on gamified content. Although effective, this lead to an audience consisting of primarily guys. The new campaign had to reach a broader demographic, which included girls.

Our target group has always been notoriously difficult to reach. We were challenged to come up with an idea that was genuinely engaging and would create a lot of buzz around product and brand. But due to a limited production budget, we had to rely on partnerships with influencers. Keeping in mind that their fans often react negatively when they feel a brand partnership is too commercial, we had to come up with something that was seen as entertainment, not advertising.

It was essential that our campaign showed a strong link with the international campaign materials for this product, which focused heavily on the ‘clash’ between the two different flavours.

The campaign had to lead to more awareness and engagement around Doritos Collisions. We aimed to create as much buzz as possible: views, likes, shares and especially interactions. We wanted to increase consideration and eventually stimulate sales.


Instead of putting our product in the content of influencers, we placed influencers in our proposition. Doritos Collisions: the Livestream Battle. Just like the product itself, we let two conflicting worlds (gaming and beauty) collide with each other. Two popular YouTubers competed for the one thing everyone on social media cares about: views.

We put them next to each other in an interactive, video-sized room, where they went live on their own channel and literally competed for screen time. The size of their part of the room corresponded with the amount of viewers they had. The more viewers they had, the bigger their part of the room became, causing their opponent’s room to crumble. This also allowed them to hijack their competitor’s screen, breaking into their livestream.

From their rooms, both YouTubers did whatever it took to secure more viewers: they played games, did make-up tutorials, invited their friends and challenged their fans with assignments. Online, fans and other influencers rallied behind their heroes to gain even more views. It became a digital tug-of-war which lead to millions of minutes of screen time for Doritos’ new proposition: two different flavours clashing with each other.

More than 82.000 youngsters watched the event live (324.000 watched the re-run), leaving 40 comments per second at peak times. This amounted to 2.2 million minutes of Doritos screen time. Our combined reach had its effect on sales: 41% higher than forecasted for Doritos Collisions, and 10% higher than the benchmark for Doritos overall.

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Divimove, OMD

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There are two immensely popular domains in YouTube’s vlogosphere: gaming and beauty. It’s where gamers do walkthroughs and beauty vloggers do makeup tutorials. Incidentally, these types of video appeal to different demographics which is also why these two crowds don’t usually mix. By selecting these two worlds to collide in our Livestream Battle, we effectively broadcasted our message to an extremely broad audience, all at the same time.

Live views:
82.000 (goal: 60-80.000)

Total views livestream video:
406.000 organic views (goal: 260.000), more than 2.2 million minutes watched

Brand lift-awareness: +7.5% (goal: +5%)
Brand lift-ad recall: +26.7% (goal: +25%)
Brand lift-favorability: +5.2% (goal: +5%)

Sales Doritos Collisions during campaign period: 530.000 bags (ix = 141) (goal: 375.887 bags).
Base value Doritos (overall) after first three months since launch: €7.974.000 (ix = 110) (benchmark based on 2017: 7.249.090)


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