208 Virtuele Proefrit


The 208 Virtual Testdrive is both an interactive VR installation at the AutoRAI and a VR app. Celebrating the introduction of the new Peugeot 208 we wanted everybody to be able to experience driving a 208 without having to drive away.


Do something on our RAI stand, and have people experience the new Peugeot 208 in a way the come close to achieving 'metal contact' (physically driving the car). Goal: create leads and push sales. Connect to the innovative approach Peugeot has taken on, and aim for long lasting impression.


We wanted AutoRAI visitors to be able to get into the 208, and drive away right then and there. And not just into the city of Amsterdam, but in one of the most beautiful environments we could imagine. Our answer was a VR film shot in the seaside-mountains of Cannes, where a viewer sets out on a 2:08 minute testdrive. The film is not only shot in VR, it is also interactive: by holding your hand in front of your VR goggles, a infrared sensor 'reads' your hand and replaces it with a virtual hand inside the film. With your hand you control 3 different viewing angles: inside the car, on top of the car and from underneath a drone that flies through the air. Up to 4 visitors were able to enjoy the testdrive simultaneously by getting into the 208 and putting on the headset.

To enjoy the VR testdrive, visitors were asked to leave their email and/ or address. After the AutoRAI, they received a personalised letter with a custom designed VR Cardboard and the link to the app, to do the testdrive at home and share with family or friends.

RAI VR : 5000 contacts
App : 70% download ratio
30% DMs converted into a new contact with a dealer
2x FWA


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