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ING Beleggen - Taking the black magic out of investing

The ING Beleggen is investment application that provides the user a look into their portfolio performance at any given moment, a possibility to observe instruments and an insight into the financial markets. Ordering and selling instruments is made simple, sleek and the product intuitively guides the user throughout the process.

Over Nordkapp

Nordkapp is an advanced design studio with offices in Helsinki, Finland and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our job is to uncover the optimal futures for our clients, and make them actionable by strategy, products, services and technology.


We are a collective of experienced designers and visionaries who deliver proven results based on your needs, and to every current and future touchpoint of your customers' experience. Our way of working challenges the conventions and clockspeed of the traditional agency model and reach, and transforms our partners future proof, market shaping versions of themselves.


Our work transforms both the culture and the business of our clients, and unlocks their full potential. We design experiences that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, and make
 our partners forward looking leaders instead of followers. So, what would you like to be tomorrow?

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