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Eleven Website

Eleven bedenkt en ontwikkelt oplossingen voor op het web. Zij doen dit al sinds 2009, de website was niet meegegroeid in de tijd. Door eerdere samenwerkingen tussen Hike One en Eleven, kregen wij het vertrouwen om hun website te vernieuwen.

Over Hike One

We are Hike One, a leading digital design agency. A playful and talented team consisting of over 50 design specialists operating from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Constantly figuring out how to do things better. And faster, cooler, and easier.


We call ourselves designers. Yet we’re also engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers and friends. We laugh, learn, experiment and design awesome digital products. This combination of a unique company culture and doing great work for clients is what brings out the best in us. We believe that a structured approach gets results faster. We use proven design methods. Through experiments we continuously improve the way we work, and ourselves as designers. We love our job because it makes everything better.


From design sprint to UX design, we guide you to better products, fast. Let's go!

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