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How do you engage tens of thousands of employees across the world - all with different languages and cultures - in celebrating the 55th anniversary of Randstad, whilst at the same time making it fun, interactive and able to be used.


Randstad came to Keplar to help them develop a year-long internal employee engagement campaign to celebrate their 55th anniversary of operation in HR services worldwide. The ‘Route 55’ campaign needed to be executed on a global scale, covering language barriers, cultures and places in a uniquely fun and interactive way.

Randstad wanted to share its company values and history in a way that celebrated its culturally diverse range of employees across the world and build excitement and anticipation in the run up to a series of events taking place across ‘Route 55’. By doing so, Randstad aimed to create 29 000 brand ambassadors - not just employees.

Seeking thrills
If there’s one thing we can all relate to, no matter what we do or where we live, it’s the thrill of grabbing your passport and setting off on an adventure.

Mapping it out
Exploration is always easier with a map. We looked at what kind of map designs would work in a modern context whilst retaining a unique art direction

Sketching the journey
Design is all about problem solving. We prototyped different ways of rising to the challenge of taking users from across the world on a collective journey that could be taken from a smartphone or desktop.


After rigorous amounts of designing and prototyping numerous concepts, the final Route 55 platform came to life. An app and website that let users log in, start their journey and complete ‘chapters’.

Just like in Randstad's early days, users would travel on their bike, reaching new cities and chapters as they progressed through the world map. Each new chapter had a theme - a specific objective - that communicated part of Randstad’s history and values. Completing one gave the user a stamp in his/her virtual passport.

Some chapters took the form of a quiz, challenging users (with translations for 10 languages supported) to see what they really knew about Randstad.

Want to be the CEO for a day?
It wasn’t just pictures and quizzes, we worked to come up with a variety of creative chapters to engage users. One we particularly enjoyed creating was ‘CEO for a day’ (hint: it’s in the name)

How about the next big thing?
The Randstad Talent hunt took place on Route 55 and empowered users to upload clips of them performing a talent. Users could upload an audition video, elevator pitch and cover song - separated by country - to the Talent Hunt portion of the platform. Other users in each country would vote for their favourite and for whom they wanted to see live on stage at Randstad’s Route 55 anniversary events around the world.

- 28 247 individual users
- 25 000 votes case
- 13 211 quizzes completed

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